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Truite en Papillote (Trout in Paper)

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

It's our 70th Anniversary and heart health month! Since it's also cold outside I decided I wanted to create a dish that was healthy and easy to make inside. Usually on the grill is my favorite way to eat trout, but after making this meal I think I have a new favorite. The trout was perfectly cooked and had the most amazing flavor. Right now we have really small fillets, so you make need to adjust cooking times based on size.

My instant pot is how I make pretty much every dinner, and this one didn't disappoint, but if I am completely honest making it in the oven was just as fast and hands off with regard to cooking.

I am not sure of the prep time due to the fact I messed up how they were supposed to be put together and had to redo them right when I was about to put them in the instant pot and oven. Without further ado here is how to make Truite en Papillote or trout in paper.

To start I picked some rosemary from my garden.

I made roasted potatoes to go with my dish. These I just cooked on 400F for 45 minutes while I prepared and cooked the trout.

Then I cut the rosemary into strips, sliced lemon and lime, and prepared the asparagus.

Next it was time to build the dish. My first go I put the asparagus on top, but it needs to be on the bottom to cook properly. Be sure to put the trout on the right half of the parchment paper when building.

Trout in Paper

Now fold the parchment paper in half and roll it on three sides. It is important there are not opening for the steam to escape.

It's time to put the trout in the instant pot or the oven. The oven needs to be preheated to 400F. For the instant pot place 1 cup of water in the bottom and place the steam rack that came with the pot inside.

For the oven cook the fillets 10-12 minted depending on the size. Mine were small, about 5oz. and I cooked them for 10 minutes. In the instant pot I did manual for 5 minutes. If you were to try and put 4 in the instant pot I would increase the time to 7 minutes.

Now sit back and enjoy a glass of wine.

Once the timer goes off pull the packets out of your method of cooking.

Plate with your side, and enjoy!


Full Recipe:

Truite en Papillote

Serves 4


1 lb Sunburst Trout Fillets

1 Lemon

1 Lime

Sprigs of Rosemary


1lb Asparagus



1c Water (if cooking in instant pot)

Parchment Paper

Grains or potatoes of choice


  • Depending on the size of the fillets (we are at the mercy of mother nature) either place 1 fillet per packet (4 total) or cut each fillet in half to create 4 fillets.

  • After washing the asparagus cut them down to the size of the fillet, if needed. Evenly divide amongst packets. Place a pad of butter and season with salt on top of asparagus. Place trout skin side down on top of asparagus, salt and pepper fish, add lemon and lime slices, and rosemary to top of fillet.

  • Close up packets making sure to fold under the fish to keep closed during cooking.

Instant Pot Directions*

  • Pour 1 cup of water in the bottom.

  • Any left over lemon or rosemary place in water.

  • Place steam rack, making sure it is above water.

  • Set instant pot to high and cook for 5 minutes.

  • Once done release the valve and remove immediately

Oven Directions

  • Preheat oven to 400

  • Place on pan

  • Cook for 10 minutes

Serve with grains or potatoes of choice.

*The instant pot version is more like a poached trout than a baked trout.

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