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Our Process

Starting early everyday we cut to order for freshness and to ensure the highest quality product. Our fish are grown in the pristine waters of the Shining Rock wilderness in the Pisgah National Forest and brought to our new processing center up to three times a week. There they live in recirculating tanks for a short time until it is time to harvest them for a customer.

Harvest the Fish
Fish are harvested and processed in 30 minutes ensuring freshness and quality.
Fish are Brought to the Header
Hand Gut
After each fish is headed it is imidiately gutted and readied for fillet machine.
Hand Trim

We hand trim each fish to make sure you get the best looking and tasting fish.

Weighed & Quality Checked 
Fillet Machine
The fillet machine removes the backbone and ribs.
Pin Bone

We machine and hand remove the pin bones for a more enjoyable bone free trout.

Put in the Cooler

The trout are put right in the cooler to bring them down to 36° ensuring a higher quality product.

We are Green Here at Sunburst Trout

We make every attempt to maintain the quality of the environment through numerous efforts. Our water for the cultivation of our trout is used only four times before it is put into a holding pond where it is allowed to settle out the limited amount of solids which remains in suspension upon leaving the the last cultivation raceway. We monitor the water quality to assure that no change occurs to the integrity of the stream. Our special feed formulas are also low in phosphorus which helps contribute to maintaining the pristine quality of the water. How do we solve the problem of discarding the waste accumulated during the production process?


We compost or sell every scrap every day that it may have new life after leaving our farm. Anything we cannot use at the processing plant is picked up twice a week and taken to be a sustainable, healthy ingredient in Blue Diamond Dog Food. If you have ever kept a garden, you may have made your own compost from kitchen scraps, and you know how important compost can be for the cultivation of plants in an all natural way. At the farm in Canton we have designed a process in which forced air is fed through the compost wind-rows creating a nutrient giving compost derived from loss. You can see the life cycle, and what true sustainability means at Sunburst. 

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