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Game Day Easy Appetizers

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

It's the time of year when the basketball fanatics mysteriously fall ill, or have to have meetings at the local bar. But we all know what we are doing, watching basketball! Here are a few tasty, and easy, recipes to help with game day prep. Because watching sports is better with friends and good food.


Trout on a Boat

It's really just our amazingly delicious hickory smoked trout dip on celery. This finger food is maybe the simplest of all the recipes on the list.


1 8oz Carolina Smoked Trout Dip

1 Package of celery


Wash the celery and trim off the ends

To create a two bite app cut the celery stalks in half

Now scoop some trout dip out of the tub and place in the celery stalk

Any left over dip you can save for yourself or set out with some crackers


Pimento and Trout Cups

Did you know our pimento goat cheese was originally supposed to have hickory smoked trout in it? It was! This recipe brings our one of a kind pimiento goat cheese and hickory smoked trout back together.


1 8oz Pimento Goat Cheese

1 package Hickory Smoked Trout

30 filo cups (about 2 packages)


Bring the pimento goat cheese up to room temperature, this will make it easier to work with.

Crisp the filo cups using the directions on the box.

While you are waiting get out the smoked trout and prepare it by removing the skin and breaking the trout into small flaky pieces.

Once the pimento and trout are ready mix the two together using a fork.

You can now either get fancy and put the mixture into an icing bag to fill the filo cups or you can use a spreader to place the mixture into the filo (I used the spreader and it was really quick).


Pastrami Crostini

Just like your favorite New York deli, just a smidge healthier. Our newest product, pastrami style cold smoked trout, is an instant classic. It uses pastrami spices on our 24 hours brined smoking fillets and is cold smoked to perfection. In this recipe I am using Lusty Monk Mustard because I like to keep it local. I am also buying my crostini since I am a busy mom of 3 and I have to draw the homemade line somewhere. But if you want to get crazy and make your own there is a great recipe here.


1 4oz package Pastrami Style Cold Smoked Trout

1 Jar spicy mustard

Toast points


Take your toast point and lightly spread the mustard on top

Place 2 slice of pastrami style cold smoked trout on top



Caviar Avocado Mousse

This one may be too pretty to eat, but it is so good! For this recipe I am using our smoked caviar for a bit of a different flavor profile. I am also keeping it local in this recipe as well using Roots and Branches Crackers. If your grocer doesn't carry them, ask, or choose a cracker that will not overpower the flavor going on top.


1 2oz jar Smoked Trout Caviar

2 Avocados

1 Large Lemon


Plain crackers (they need to be good quality to hold up to the moisture of the avocado)


Puree the avocados with the juice of half a lemon until a smooth mousse like consistency.

Salt to taste, but be careful to not add too much, the caviar is also a little salty

You can either pipe out of an icing bag, ziplock bag, or spread with a knife

Top with as much or as little caviar as you like

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