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Trout Fillets

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Our Red Fillets* remain everyones favorite product. A full pound of these fillets will come bagged or vacuum sealed. Sunburst fillets are red in color and so plump you might think they are salmon. These boneless fillets make a succulent entree with a mild flavor perfect for pairing with your favorite side dish. Imagine receiving such a fresh, never frozen, delight delivered right to your door. Do something healthy for yourself today because great health never tasted so good.

Priced per pound, approximately 16 oz., pin-bone removed. Choose bulk bagged, all fillets together, or you can now have your fillets vacuum sealed for $1 per pound extra.

*We are a farm at the mercy of Mother Nature. Sometimes our fillets will be on the white side due to growing conditions beyond our control. Taste and quality are still the same, just not the color or size.

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