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Jennings Original Trout Jerky 2oz

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Dick, our founder, liked to refer to this as a new classic. The jerky is made with prime trout meat which has been scraped from the backbones after the trout are filleted. It is then mixed with a local organic miso tamari and other spices. Once mixed, the seasoned blend is piped onto smoking trays and smoked at the perfect temperature to ensure that it’s shelf stable for up to one year, and hauntingly delicious.

Jennings Jerky does not need refrigeration and the packaging is recyclable. Packed with protein and high in Omega-3 fatty acids, this is the perfect bar snack - especially for seafood restaurants - as well as for people on-the-move, like hikers, bikers, skiers, surfers, shoppers, even kids’ lunch boxes.

2oz. per pack
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